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Doha Agreement with Taliban

2 Apr , 2022,
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The Doha Agreement, also known as the Doha Accord, is an agreement between the United States and the Taliban that was signed in February 2020 in Doha, Qatar. The agreement aims to end the war in Afghanistan, which has been ongoing since 2001.

Under the terms of the agreement, the United States will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, and in exchange, the Taliban will not allow any terrorist groups to operate in Afghanistan. The agreement also calls for the release of Taliban prisoners and for direct talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government.

The Doha Agreement has been controversial, with critics arguing that it gives too much power to the Taliban and that it may not be effective in bringing peace to Afghanistan. The Taliban has continued to carry out attacks in Afghanistan, and the Afghan government has been slow in starting negotiations with the Taliban.

Despite the challenges, the Doha Agreement remains an important step towards ending the long-running conflict in Afghanistan. It represents a commitment to dialogue and diplomacy, which is essential for achieving lasting peace in the country.

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